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Advantage…South Hill Designs

There have been many questions regarding comparison of South Hill designs to Origami Owl and some misconceptions as well. The next few paragraphs should help to clarify the important differences that can make or break your career as a consultant.First, South Hill Designs markets their upscale locket charms and chains to the 20 and older age group. Origami Owl appears to market to a younger crowd with that silver, black and turquoise look.At South Hill Designs if you inquire today you can join today. Your start up kit will be mailed to you immediately and in a week you will have your inventory display and be able to book your launch party, socials, festivals and whatever else you may desire.
It is my understanding that Origami Owl has a lengthy wait-list. You are labeled a “distributor in waiting” (DIW) and may be doing just that for up to five months. During this time you are told to work on your display (however, you’re not allowed to buy inventory) and you can recruit teammates but they are also distributors in waiting.
With South Hill Designs, you can sell the day you join. How great is that?!
Customer Service is top priority with South Hill Designs. We pride ourselves on the fact that when you call our customer service you won’t be placed on hold and are greeted by one of our fantastic and knowledgeable customer service representatives. You will have your issue taken care of immediately and we have bilingual support. We also have an IT Team that is part of our full time staff and can help you with any technical issues you have.
Another important issue is shipping and this is vital to your business being successful. You can take orders but if your company can’t get the product to you in a quick manner… well let’s just say that you are in big trouble. South Hill Designs ships our of warehouse in 1-3 days. Lately, we have been shipping the same day but that is not a guarantee. This means that with the two day shipping option you will receive your orders within 5 days. That is almost unheard of in the direct sales business and we are very proud of this.
At South Hill Designs we pride ourselves in the quality of our product. All lockets and charms have genuine Swarovski crystals versus cubic zirconia. All South Hill Designs chains are made in the USA and we have a wonderful warranty program. Most importantly, ALL of our lockets come with a beautiful complimentary chain.
At South Hill Designs, our compensation plan is exceptional. Artists will make between 20% to 40% on ALL of their personal retail sales. The commission you make is on ALL of our products vs. the 50% on charms and up to 30% on lockets, chains and the rest of Origami Owl’s products. If you crunch the numbers, you will see how much better our compensation plan is.
When you compare all of these items in combination, the choice seems obvious, and it was for me. I hope that you agree!

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